Rockvale Elementary School

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The Scoop Behind The Food

Lauren R. & Rebecca W., Student Reporters


We interviewed Ms. Carrie, the Cafeteria Manager at Rockvale Elementary. "The most challenging part of my job. . . Would be trying to get breakfast ready for all of y'all and then get lunch started immediately," is how Ms. Carrie responded to our first question.

When Ms. Carrie bonds with the kids, it is much different than the bond a teacher makes with his or her students. Ms. Carrie will come out to the cafeterias and talk about what they like. She asks them what their favorite meal is and if they brought a lunch. She will ask them if they are enjoying that. She enjoys being around kids.

But Ms. Carrie wasn't always a Cafeteria Manager. Before she worked here at Rockvale Elementary, she was a stay-at-home mom. She now has a 25-year old daughter and a 21-year old son.

As you can see, a Cafeteria Manager's life is not what we think it is: cook, have a break, cook some more, go home and rest, and start the cycle over again. Based on our interview, a cafeteria worker's job is important to our survival at lunch, but it is also a very fascinating job.