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Do You Appreciate Nurse Angie?

Savannah W. & Katelyn D., student reporters.

Nurse Angie loves her job, no doubt, but she does have a favorite part. When we asked her this, She responded ,"I have the little-bitty ones in preschool, and then I have some that are about 3rd grade, and then they go all the way up to 5th graders." She loves seeing new faces, learning new names, and helping the kids.
Sometimes it seems like Nurse Angie is only here when you are. But no, she always comes SUPER early and does paperwork until we come in. Then she does open clinic. Nurses have to have lunch too, but she is open ONLY to emergencies.
Nurse Angie chose to become a school nurse because she likes to help people, kids especially. She likes the school setting because she is around students all the time.
Nurse Angie has some tips to keep us from getting sick. She says, "The best thing you can do is wash your hands ALL the time." She also sometimes has classes that teach you how to wash your hands and cough into your elbow.
In emergencies, Nurse Angie does the medical part. She has a first responder team, that takes care of everyone.
In conclusion, Nurse Angie is really a major part of helping our school. Without Nurse Angie where would our school be? Now do you appreciate Nurse Angie?