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S.W.A.T is the Real Deal

Audrey S. & Neely R. Student Reporters

Rockvale Elementary is happy to have our new club S.W.A.T {Students with Algebraic Training} S.W.A.T is a math club, to join you must get A’s or B’s in math you do fun activities, it helps improve your math and teaches you sixth grade math. We interviewed a fifth grade student that is a member of S.W.A.T named Ashlyn Roberts and this is what she had to say.

We asked Ashlyn four questions about S.W.AT, the first question we asked was “How does S.W.A.T help improve your math skills?” Ashlyn responded saying ‘’It teaches you ahead of stuff, and sixth grade math.” Then we asked her the following question ‘’Why did you decide to join S.W.A.T? Why?’’ She said ‘’Because they make math fun.’’

The next question we asked Ashlyn was ‘’ What is your favorite part about S.W.A.T? Why?’’ Ashlyn responded ‘’ The activities because you get to write on the board.’’ The last question we asked Ashlyn was ‘’ What kind of activities do you do in S.W.A.T? Do you enjoy them?’’ ‘’We write things on the board and see who finishes first, yes I enjoy them.’’

After the interview we thanked Ashlyn for her time and coming. Rockvale is very proud and happy of S.WA.T to be a new part of our school.