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Mrs. Austin loves being a music teacher at Rockvale Elementary!

Alayah G. & Alex E. Student Reporters

Being a music teacher is fun but very challenging sometimes. Mrs. Austin was a musician all her life, ever since she was a child she started singing. When she graduated she went right into music being a singer and dancer. She soon had a child and he had been in a musical so she wanted to help out. Her child was her inspiration to be a music teacher.

Her favorite part of being a music teacher is the kids. The reason why it’s the kids is because she likes being able to mentor them and talks to student about what’s been going on in their life. She wants to make a difference in the students life. The kids are her favorite part of teaching music.

Mrs. Austin has always wanted to do a musical, she has seen many other schools doing them. One of the teachers at Seagal high school makes the best plays, so she got inspired by the plays that she makes. That is why she got inspired to make a play.

‘The difference in being a performer and a music teacher is the rewards they get,’ she answered. The reward for being a performer is the audience responding to you. The reward for being a music teacher is to help mentor the students and help them feel the love she feels about music.’ Teaching is more rewarding than preforming,’ she says.