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Using the iPad in the Classroom

How to use my iPad with my classroom projector:

1. Using a VGA adapter, the iPad2 can be connected to your classroom projector. You will need to unplug your VGA cable from your computer to plug into this adapter.

2. Using the Apple TV will allow your iPad2 or New iPad to be wireless. It mirrors your iPad. You must have a HDMI projector to connect the Apple TV with. The sound comes out of the projector.

3. Using a HDMI to VGA adapter with the Apple TV will also allow you to use your iPad wirelessly. You will have to unplug your VGA cable from your computer to connect with this adapter.

NOTE: If you have the iPad1, place the iPad under your document camera so you can use it as whole group.

Apps for the Classroom
(Texas Computer Education Association)

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Submit as many apps as you have used in the classroom. Thank you.