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Welcome to Rockvale's Rockin' Rockets

Hi! I'm Mrs. Payne and this is my 2nd year at Rockvale Elementary. This is my 30th year to teach. I still can't believe that I started in 1990. I love being a part of the Rockvale community and am so proud to be a Rockvale Rocket! I am so excited to get to see all my kiddos from last year and meet new friends too! 
Go to my "About Me" page to see pictures of my family. They are from my daughter's wedding this past September. We are ALL dressed up. I'm going to upload some recent pictures of the baby. She's a year old now!
Check out my new virtual classroom! So much fun! 
Love you guys!
Mrs. Payne
Happy Spring! 
Here are the weeks that our awesome website has posted so far. Some grades have more than others, but I decided to post every week they have for every grade. 
If you have any questions, you can always send me an email at 
Have a good one!
Mrs. Payne
Kindergarten April week 1 Lesson 28   Kindergarten Lesson 28 | MusicplayOnline
1st grade April week 1 Lesson 28  Grade 1 Lesson 28 | MusicplayOnline
2nd grade April week 1 Lesson 28  Grade 2 Lesson 28 | MusicplayOnline
3rd grade April week 1 Lesson 28  Grade 3 Lesson 28 (a.1) | MusicplayOnline
4th grade April week 1 Lesson 28  Grade 4 Lesson 28 | MusicplayOnline
5th grade April week 1 Lesson 28 Grade 5 Lesson 28 | MusicplayOnline
Kindergarten  week 3 Lesson Kindergarten Lesson 26 | MusicplayOnline
1st grade  week 3 Lesson Grade 1 Lesson 26 | MusicplayOnline
3rd grade . week 3 Lesson Grade 3 Lesson 26 | MusicplayOnline
Kindergarten  week 4 Lesson Kindergarten Lesson 27 | MusicplayOnline
1st grade week 4 Lesson Grade 1 Lesson 27 | MusicplayOnline
2nd grade week 4 Lesson Grade 2 Lesson 27 | MusicplayOnline
3rd grade week 4 Lesson Grade 3 Lesson 27 | MusicplayOnline
4th grade week 4 Lesson Grade 4 Lesson 27 | MusicplayOnline
Mrs. Payne


Aiken Drum K-1 activity

This is a fun song you can sing along with and pull out a piece of paper and a crayon or something and draw what your Aiken Drum looks like. Mrs. Vandzandt and I would LOVE to see what you came up with. Listen to the song and draw him out using my food suggestions or come up with your own choices! You can email them to us or post them on dojo. We can't wait to see what you guys come up with! We miss you SOOOO MUCH!