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Jamie Kuban » Spreading Love

Spreading Love

K-2 A Little Spot of Love 
Another book by Diane Alber, A Little Spot of Love, pays attention to the five ways we can show love to others and how we feel loved by using words, actions, quality time, gifts and affection.
1. Ask your child which area they relate to the most? 
2. Based on the answer, encourage their love language at home. It is endearing to hear student's answer about quality time.
Activity: Either read the book or listen to A Little Spot of Love on YouTube. There is a a handy discussion on the last page.
3rd - 5th Managing Relationships
After several weeks of focusing on the Win-Win strategy, students have been exposed to simple tactics to begin discussions with peers and siblings for solving problems. Continuing the theme of relationships, we focus on civility this month and how it impacts friendships by choosing to stop hurtful behavior, own any part we might have played and fix the problem. 
1. How would I feel if someone treated me / talked to me or to someone I care about in a hurtful way?
2. What would my mom, dad, or other adult whose opinion I value think if I were involved in hurtful behavior toward someone else? 
3.  What could this do to my reputation? 
Activity: A short story about true friendship on