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Welcome to Mrs. McGregor's Page

My name is Mrs. McGregor, and this is my 27th year of teaching..  I taught 2nd grade for two years and the rest have been in Kindergarten.  I enjoy teaching Kindergarten.


Week of October 19th
Reading: Please work with your children on the letters: Mm, Aa, Ss, Pp, Tt, Ii, Nn, Cc, Dd, Oo, Hh, Ee, Ff, Rr.  They need to be able to recognize them and say the name of the letter first, know the sound that it makes (come up with words that start with the letter), and also know how to write the uppercase and lowercase.Great job on the first week of homework!
Practice writing numerals 1-10. If they get that, move one to 1-20.
Work on counting by 1's to 100.  If they get that, go on to counting to 100 by 10's, then by 5's, then finally by 2's.
We are starting to learn 2-D and 3-D shapes.
Thanks for all you do.  You are appreciated.