Rockvale Elementary School

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Interviewing Our Counselor

Ashlyn D. & Hailey R., student reporters
     We started off by asking about her daily schedule. She replied by explaining that in the morning she has a lot of time to talk to kids and try to help their day start off right. In the afternoon she teaches lessons to K-3 grades.
     Next, we asked about her favorite part of her job. "My favorite part of my job is getting to talk to kids on a different level than academics, like their school work and stuff. We talk about that of course, but my main job is to make sure they have what they need at school and that they feel safe , that they feel happy, and they have everything, so I get to talk to them." She responded.
     We also wondered why she picked this career path. She told us that she was studying psychology in college, and she was a counselor at a mental hospital. She had pride working with the children ,so she decided to become a counselor.
     Finally, we inquired if she would suggest this career path to children who are thinking about it. She responded by telling us that she would if they liked helping people in a positive way and liked talking to people.
     In conclusion, our counselors are a very important part of our school. From this interview we found out how much our counselors really mean.