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Welcome to Coach Sims' P.E. page!

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KIDS HEART CHALLENGE is over. We appreciate the families we have here at Rockvale. You all are so generous and giving!
WE ARE OVER $23,000! WOW!
For our virtual learners, you will have PE lessons posted every Tuesday, where we will post links to our resources for the week.
Feel free to click around my webpage for past lessons too!
You'll find those below.
This week K-1:
This week 2-5: 
Past weeks lessons:
You can complete the lesson and fitness video I have posted above, on your own or with your parent/siblings. Most importantly, please be sure you are doing 60 minutes of DAILY physical activity! (10 minute movement breaks are great too!!!)
-Walking, running, biking, hiking, sports activities, CHORES (wink wink, parents!)
See below for some fun at home activities!
This year we will be using Open Phys Ed to help navigate teaching skills-based activities in sport such as:
-throwing to a target
-striking with implements
We will do our best to reach every child both in person and virtually to make sure they are getting the physical activity and physical education that they need! 
Sworkit is physical fitness tool that we will be using this year to help increase and improve each component of fitness:
-Cardiovascular Endurance
-Muscular Strength
-Muscular Endurance
-Body Composition
In a few easy clicks... find the workout that you want, click it, do it, done! Parents can join in on the fun,too!
Are you a bucket FILLER or bucket DIPPER?



Response to Instruction- Behavior Plan

Rocket Fuel 


Responsible Behavior 






Listen, stay on task, be prepared, complete work 

Always participate, do your best, show respect, be honest 


Walk, ask permission to leave room, keep hands/feet/objects to yourself, have self- control 


Keep hallway clean, go directly to your destination, return to class quickly 

Be courteous of shared spaces 

Walk quietly, facing forward, hands to self 


Listen to cafeteria staff, use time wisely, clean up your trash/area  

Be courteous to cafeteria staff, use good table manners 

Walk, raise hand for help/permission to leave seat, use quiet/inside voices 


Get in & out quickly, help keep restroom clean & dry 

Wait patiently, use good manners 

Honor privacy, wash hands with soap and water 


Play fair, pick up equipment/belongings, line up when called 

Use positive and appropriate words, show good sportsmanship 

Stay in approved play areas, respect equipment, keep hands/feet to yourself 


Be on time to class and dismissal area, keep belongings in backpack, listen to the teachers on duty 

Be patient, be courteous of shared spaces 

Walk to your destination, keep hands/feet/belongings to yourself 


Follow directions of driver, use appropriate language, be ready for your stop 

Be a good example, show respect to driver and other riders 

Follow all bus rules, keep belongings in backpack, remain seated 

       Voice Levels:      0= Silent     1= Whisper    2= Normal voice    3= Outside voice 

Hi everyone! My name is Meaghan Sims, this is my 13th year teaching Physical Education, and my 12th year at "The Rock". This is truly a great place to be. I'm so lucky to be here! I'm from a little town just north of Chicago, Illinois. I cheer on the Cubs and da Bears and I am a HUGE Ohio State Buckeyes SUPER FAN! O-H-I-O!!!  I went to Middle Tennessee State on a track scholarship and competed in the shot put, discus, hammer, and weight throw throughout my 4 years there. I also played a year of volleyball as a Lady Raider.
I have been married to my awesome husband Lindsay since 2010. We have a 7 year old son, named Wyatt, and a 4 year old daughter named Whitney. We have an 11 year old Boston Terrier/Pitbull Mix named Boomer, and a 1 year old yellow Lab named Wayne Woodrow "Woody" Hayes and they sure keep us laughing! I coach volleyball on the side and I love to play it as well. I enjoy working out at Garage Barre & Bike, running, lifting, going to church and serving the Lord, and being with my family.
 I love teaching PE and getting to see ALL the kids in the building. I am blessed to work with the best kids and teachers in Rutherford County. I love my job!

If there is anything you need, please feel free to call or email!
I look forward to working with you and your children!
-Coach Sims
Welcome back kiddos! We missed you all so incredibly much!
Click on the
"Play at Home 
Playbook" Icon
for some lessons you can do at home with your family. Practice some skills, and don't forget to do some exercises that improve each component of fitness (think of our exercise stations!)...
Cardiovascular Endurance (running, dancing, biking, swimming, jump roping)
Muscular Strength/ Muscular Endurance (push ups, sit-ups, 
planks, lunges, squats, burpees)
Flexibility (stretching, yoga)
Work on 60 minutes of physical activity a day. (MORE IS BETTER!)
Also, fill those plates with fruits, veggies, good protein and whole grains, and of course WASH YOUR HANDS!
Cannot wait to see everyone back in the building or virtually! Love you all!
-Coach Sims